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Soul Search

What is our soul? Where do we keep it? I wanted to post a blog or photo blog to spark a conversation. I think this site called Picture a Thought might be a good place to start, as it has the ability to add music to a photoblog- which they call mblog.

Some people say that there is tangible scientific proof there is a soul... some guy measured a weight decrease at the exact moment of death back in the early 1900's. Very poor results, but that is what believers keep pointing too. Otherwise, there is no proof, only belief. Or faith. A way to describe the good parts of our human consciousness. Something we all know is there, so a great term to describe it. But is there more? Who can add to this, or find a better image. I am hoping someone will collaborate with me on this.

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Contributor: chris
Created: 06/25/2015
Updated: 06/25/2015
Sound: I Am Teaching Myself to Remember Your Name
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