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words and music

To create a photoblog a platform is necessary. Some choose Flicker or Tumblr or Wordpress on these sites photoblogging can be set up easily. On these sites it is difficult to add music to my photoblog so now there is PictureAThought which allows me to easily add music to my photos with words.
Here you can exhibit your photos add words then music in an organized presentable manner. Give your photos new captions, change the tone, shade and feel of your creativity by adding the new dimension of music.
It is nice to have a place where you can post your photos or poetry or prose and collaborate with others who share an interest in your photos and words. From there you can add music or let others who are more music minded contribute to you photo words with a song from the playlist or provide some music they have created themselves.
From here you can promote your words and music and photos via social media or use them on your own websites.

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