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I am looking for a way to make my photoblog stand out. We have been able to add photos or images of art and words for quite a long time now. To bring the next level of experience, and add to the senses would be either making the photoblog smell somehow, feel it with some sort of texture, taste it with some sort of flavor- or listen to it. Bingo! Adding music or songs or any type of sound in the background is the logical next step. And easiest- a little twist on Occam's razor? So with a little creativity, and a good ear, sound mixed with photos and words is a mblog, and it is here! Now to really play with this concept will challange these three senses in a new way, using them together to illicit emotions that may never have arisen. That is exciting!

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Contributor: chris
Created: 06/04/2015
Updated: 06/04/2015
Sound: serenity.
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Categories: Emotions / Mood
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