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Levels of Love


Sunset of Love


Such a torrid love affair at the start, all the electricity for an epic romance, tingling anticipation, and yet our airplane has turned into a glider. If we were new at this sweet Charlotte, I would understand how we are shy about using the L word with one another, mch less marriage and kids. Perhaps we want to feel sophisticated, enjoying wild sex in the fast lane, but jealous only of our freedom.


If throttled love is what we have, what I hope we have, then I have only one way to open the gates to your heart, to flood us with starved passion. I must do the opposite of knocking on your door and begging.  I must grow silent and test your love and the addage, "absence makes the heart grow fonder".


The test will of course be mine as well, to see if I can stay away. More importantly, it will be a test of us, to see if we can break the pattern where I call you and invite you to the next party. Will your days grow empty without me, or will you just assume it was time to move on as wordlessly as our stone-faced Hollywood idols.


I will never forget the night everyone's eyes were on your red dress, an entire ballroom full of lust and yearning.  "What could something like that see in him?" I felt them whisper in unison. It is time to find out.


Copyright © 2015 Peter Shikli

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Contributor: Peter Shikli
Created: 02/19/2015
Updated: 02/19/2015
Sound: Say Something - A Great Big World (Branson Quirke Cover)
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