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Veterans Need a Fair Deal

The other day, I was in my doctor's waiting room for a routine physical, leafing through a newspaper story about how our Veteran's Administration was making our vets wait months to see their doctors. Before I could get far into the newspaper story, I was called into my doctor visit. A few pokes later, I was done and on my way.

I couldn't shake the thought that I wasn't waiting long enough to read about the plight of the veterans before I got to see my doctor, I who never put my life on the line for my country.

Even more peculiar is that my medical coverage comes as an employee benefit through my wife who works for the Marines. Why is it, I asked myself, that the Marines who fought for our country are not treated as well as me?

The solution jumped out at me. Veterans should be given the same medical coverage as my wife gets as a civilian employee of the Marines. We can keep the Veterans Administration and their hospitals, but only if veterans choose to patronize those places because they treat them better, not worse, than regular hospitals.

Segregation doesn't have a proud track record in this country, and maybe we should stop locking veterans into it.

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Contributor: Peter Shikli
Created: 07/25/2014
Updated: 07/28/2014
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