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A New Year (draft)

This song represents my very first attempt at breaking into the music industry, and I can use some help doing so.

First, I need some collaboration from other musicians who can help me improve the quality of the recording.

Second, I could use some collaboration from a writer and a photographer or artist to turn all this into a killer mblog. Below is my first cut at what I'm trying to say with my song, though my writing skills are not as good as my music skills. For the pictures or artwork, I could use one or two images to convey the mood of the song.

Song Summary
"A New Year" is about me questioning our marriage. I was reflecting on how we were young and adventurous and then I stopped being adventurous and watched as my husband continued to chase his dreams and do adventurous things. The more he soared the more I shut down. As time went on, I was coming around to making peace with the way things have been and accepting that I can pursue my dreams and still be standing next to my hubby.

A New Year

Another day, Another Year [D D G D]
Keep on drifting, nothing’s clear [D D G D]
Time’s moving on and I’m standing still [A G D G]
But in my fog, I feel you near [D D G D]

You and me we disagree [D D G D]
We see life so differently [D D G D]
I’m so scared of what might be [A G D G]
You, you’re so carefree [D D G D]

As the years roll on by [D D G D]
I lock down while you fly high [D D G D]
You and I once flew through the sky [A G D G]
But now, I just standby [D D G D]

But then the new years rolls in [G A D G]
And life begins again [D D G D]

Another day, another year [D D G D]
All my drifting has brought me here [D D G D]
Next to you against the wind [A G D G]
With new hope blowin’ in [D D G D]

Another day, Another year [D D G D]

Copyright © 2014 eradnoti

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Contributor: eradnoti
Created: 03/25/2014
Updated: 03/26/2014
Sound: A New Year (scratch recording)
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At 04/08/2014 THuggieBear wrote:
I like what you are doing here and I think this song has potential. Would you be open to re-recording the song?  I have access to a hi quality recording facility and would love to help.