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First Wedgie Fatality

It had to happen eventually!

Page 4 of the today's Orange County Register carried a story of two men fighting in Oklahoma, presumably rednecks. One grabbed the back of the underwear of the other guy and pulled it up so high that he got the waistband over the head of his victim. Continuing with what must have already been a bad situation, the assailant pulled the waistband over his victim's head.

The waistband was so tight around the guy's neck that he suffocated and died. I presume the coroner listed other wedgie-related injuries that didn't make it into the paper.

Even for the straight-laced cops of Oklahoma, this must've been hard to report.

Can you see the defendant at his trial of the wedgie gone bad? Perhaps he'll plead temporary insanity, striking out at a cruel world that had inflicted so many heartless wedgies against him in his youth?

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Contributor: Peter Shikli
Created: 01/09/2014
Updated: 02/08/2014
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At 01/09/2014 PShikli wrote:

Anyone with some wedgie experiences to share, I welcome the collaboration. Keep it something your mom could see.