A Few Words for Musicians

Comrades in songOne of the Picture a Thought founders came to this adventure with a mission, a mission to give budding musicians another forum, another venue to present their talent and passion to the world.

You've all seen the power that MTV had to promote music when it combined video with music. Consider Picture a Thought along those lines, but combining both images and words to present your music.

And then consider what Picture a Thought brings to the party that MTV could not. It's called community and collaboration. We're not talking about just putting a band together. Picture a Thought is where you can also meet writers, photographers, illustraters, poets, and the rest of the community putting together mblogs, the next wave of the internet integrating:
music + words + images

To mix with the creative geniuses wandering Picture a Thought, take a look at the image and word components available for use either through the Search Images or Search Text options from the main menu if you know what kind of sounds or words you seek. Or you can Browse Images or Browse Text, also from the main menu, and check the various categories if you're more open to ideas. If you see the same photographer or writer behind the picture or thought that you like, click their name and ask them about collaborating. It's as easy as that!

While projecting your music as never before, keep this in mind. Picture a Thought was built to support musicians, and we're always open to your ideas about how to do that better.