A Few Words for Writers

Old school typewriterOne of the partners who founded Picture a Thought (Peter Shikli) is a published writer. He saw how photoblogs gave his words the impact he sought, an old trick really when you consider magazine articles. But the internet gives us an option beyond photoblogs and magazine articles, you can play a captivating song behind your words. Picture a Thought was born to do that.

Besides giving you a way to present your words with both the pictures and sounds to make them stand out, Picture a Thought gives you one other important capability: collaboration. Few of us are good at writing as well as taking pictures and making music. Picture a Thought is where you can find photographers looking for the words to bring their pictures to life, or budding musicians eager to have their masterpieces playing behind a a thought-provoking thought.

To mix with these creative geniuses wandering Picture a Thought, take a look at the picture and sound components available for use either through the Search Images or Search Sounds (music) options from the main menu if you know what kind of pictures or sounds that you seek. Or you can Browse Images or Browse Sounds, also from the main menu, and check the various categories if you're more open to ideas. If you see the same photographer or musician behind the pictures or music that you like, click their name and ask them about collaborating. It's as easy as that!

While presenting your words as never before, keep this in mind. Picture a Thought was built to support writers, and we're always open to your ideas about how to do that better.