A Few Words for Photographers

Picture a Thought began as a way photographers can better express their art form. We liked how photoblogs allowed us to combine our images with words that together had more impact as an inspirational photograph. We felt adding music to a photoblog was a natural progression to combine one more popular internet capability to present inspirational pictures.

Besides giving you a way to present your inspirational pictures with both the words and sounds of a photoblog to make them stand out, Picture a Thought gives you one other important capability: collaboration. Few of us are good at photography as well as writing and making music. Picture a Thought is where you can find writers looking for images to bring their words to life, or budding musicians eager to have their masterpieces playing behind a stunning photoblog.

To mix with these creative geniuses wandering Picture a Thought, take a look at the sound and word components available for use either through the Search Music or Search Thoughts options from the main menu if you know what kind of sounds or words you seek. Or you can Browse Music or Browse Thoughts, also from the main menu, and check the various categories if you're more open to ideas. If you see the same musician or writer behind the music or thought that you like, click their name and ask them about collaborating. It's as easy as that!

And if you'd like to toss your pictures out there for writers and musicians to contribute their masterpieces, just produce an mblog of your picture(s), and check its "Collaboration" box when posting it.  That alerts thePicture a Thought community that you're looking to work with others to complete your mblog.

While projecting your pictures as never before, keep this in mind. Picture a Thought was built to support photographers and their inspirational photographs, and we're always open to your ideas about how to do that better.