Create a Masterpiece Together

Collaborative paintersThe internet has allowed us to collaborate, to work together, as never before, and Picture a Thought gives you a way to do that as never before.

Consider what Picture a Thought brings to the party a new art form that we call an mblog:
    music + words + images
Each of us may be good at one or even two of those, but the odds are small that one of us are the best-of-breed at all three.

This is why community and collaboration is important to producing inspirational mblogs. And this is why Picture a Thought has put together a forum where writers, photographers, illustraters, poets, musicians, artists, and others yet to be discovered can come together to create, to join in this next wave of internet-powered collaboration.

To mix with the creative geniuses wandering Picture a Thought, try any of the following:

  1. Post your mblog to the ones requesting collaboration. A quick way to do this is by just clicking the "Collaborate" link next to images, sound, or text -- whichever ones your mblog needs. This automatically gets your mblog listed on our home page under the mblogs looking for collaboration.
  2. Take a look at the components available for use either through the Search Images, Search Sounds (music), or Search Text options from the main menu if you know what kind of pictures, music, or words you seek.
  3. You can Browse Images, Browse Sounds, or Browse Text, also from the main menu, and check the various categories if you're more open to ideas. If you see the same individual behind the mblog, picture, song, or words that you like, click their name and ask them about collaborating.
  4. If you see an image, sound, or text component, or a complete mblog that you like, look for the door knocker icon Door knocker icon. Click on that to send the person who produced that component or mblog a collaboration invitation, a few words about what you need or what you could offer to their mblog.
  5. At the bottom of each component and mblog is a comment section. You can always add a note, perhaps a few words about what you like in the component or mblog and what you could do to improve it.

Keep in mind that Picture a Thought was built to support collaboration, and we're always open to your ideas about how to do that better.