About Us

We are a group of musicians, photographers, writers, and programmers interested in launching a creative new way to express yourself. Picture A Thought is a place where you can post and share a composition of
image + words + sound

The image can be a photo or an illustration, even a cartoon. The words can be your inspirational thought, something that works well with the picture. The music can be a song that works well with the image and words. It can also be a sound, like birds chirping or your voice reading a poem with feeling.

Key is that it must be inspirational. Facebook is where you pile on the mementos, but Picture A Thought is where you take one stunning picture, combine it with one deep thought, wrap it in one moving song, and leave behind an illumination, an insight, a vision for everyone. This is where you spark wonder and imagination.

If you're a photographer, but writing is not your calling, or a writer who can't take pictures, or a musician who can't do either, don't feel like the Lone Ranger. Most of us are good at one or the other. Search through our contributors for your partner. You will find masters of inspiration who have proven themselves right here.